Fire Prevention Design Projects

Creation of fire prevention designs for all categories of buildings including special buildings

Special Buildings: Industry, Logistics and Maintenance:
05/ 2011
03/ 2011
11/ 2010
01/ 2010
01/ 2010
05/ 2009
07/ 2008
03/ 2008
11/ 2006
11/ 2006
01/ 2006
New bus station in Sömmerda
New motor factory in Rehau
Expansion of workshops in Ichtershausen
Steam locomotive plant in Meiningen
Expansion of a printshop in Witterda
New fire department building in Ruhla
Reconstruction of a hangar as a training center for flight mechanics at the Erfurt Airport
New recycling center for the Melosch company in Erfurt, freight handling center
Operational space for the Thuringian Netkom telecommunications facility in Erfurt
Reconstruction of the ErSol AG production and management offices (now the Bosch group) in Erfurt
New TNT Express GmbH logistics center in Erfurt, airport
Special Buildings: Trade, Services and Management:

03/ 2010
02/ 2010
09/ 2008
03/ 2008
08/ 2007
07/ 2007
06/ 2007
08/ 1997

Ilmenau’s Technology Terminal
Expansion and new construction for the Children’s Media Center in Erfurt
Reconstruction, renovation and expansion of Zentralkauf [central shopping mall] in Hof/Saale
Reconstruction and renovation of a business building in Erfurt, Anger 21
New construction, reconstruction and renovation of the KVT association building in Artern
Reconstruction of a shopping mall into individual shop units in Dresden, Prager Str.
Expansion of business areas in a shopping mall in Hof/Saale
New shopping mall with parking in Arnstadt
Special Buildings: Sports, Leisure and Restaurants:

08/ 2010
03/ 2009
09/ 2008
07/ 2008
10/ 2006
03/ 2005
07/ 2003
10/ 1998

Reconstruction of the cultural buildilng in Bettenhausen
Expansion of a multi-purpose hall in Marksuhl-Förtha
Reconstruction and renovation of the Alter Marstall meeting hall in Gehren
Reconstruction and renovation of the Goldener Widder meeting hall in Witterda
Reconstructuion and change of use planning for the Untreusee Sportpark in Hof/Saale
Reconstruction of the Stadtgarten meeting hall in Erfurt
Renovation of the Gemeindehaus Prettin meeting hall
Re-purposing of a theater into an event center in Frankfurt/Oder
Special Buildings: Health and Medical Institutions, Homes, Day Care Centers and Schools:

Since 2011
09/ 2010
12/ 2005
01/ 2005

Heart and circulatory systems clinic in Rotenburg/Fulda
Training center in Artern
Re-purposing of the "Haus Burgfried" building into residential groups for people suffering from dimentia in Eisenach
Renewal of the Albert-Schweitzer-Kinderdorf Kinderheim [day care center] usage permits in Luisenthal