Dr. Wilke has published various articles in technical magazines.

Furthermore, Dr. Wilke has held lectures on the topic of city renovation at various conferences and conventions.

Architecture tours 2011

  • Renovation of Hering City Hall
  • Twenty Years of City Renovation in Ilmenau 1990–2010, on behalf of the City of Ilmenau

Architecture tours 2009

  • Construction of a new children’s and youth’s center at Steile Hohle 5 in Artern

Architecture tours 2007

  • New construction of a multi-generational residential facility at Richard-Bock Street 1-3 in Ilmenau
  • Schmalkalden transformer station
  • Sixteen Years of Structural Change in Ruhla 1990–2006, on behalf of the City of Ruhla

Architecture tours 2002

  • Reconstruction of a residential building using pre-cast concrete slabs at Humboldtstraße 37-39 in Ilmenau
  • Construction of the new Friedrich Fröbel Kindergarten in Erfurt-Stotternheim

Architecture tours 2000

  • New construction of a multiple family building with underground parking at Cyriakstraße 26 in Erfurt

Creation of the Dorferneuerung in Thüringen [village renewal in Thuringia] brochure
Publisher: Thuringian Ministerium für Landwirtschaft, Naturschutz und Umwelt [Ministry for Agriculture, Nature Conservation and the Environment] – 1999

The office is a collaborative partner of the Baukosteninformationsdienstes (BKI) Deutscher Architektenkammern [Building Costs Information Service Center for the German Chamber of Architects]. Various property documents in the technical libraries of:

  • BKI-Objekte Neubau [BKI Properties: New Construction]
  • BKI-Objekte Altbau [BKI Properties: Old Construction]
  • BKI-Objekte Freianlagen [BKI Properties: Outdoor Enclosures] and
  • BKI-Baukosten Gebäude-Bauelemente-Positionen [BKI Building Costs: Building Construction Elements Line Item Details]

have been published as part of these efforts.