Competitive Projects


  • The Entenlaich ideas and implementation competition in Bad Langensalza: second place
  • The Blasiikirchplatz ideas and implementation competition in Nordhausen
  • Entwicklungsbereich Inselplatz Jena [Jena Island Plaza development area] idea competition: fourth place


  • The Gestaltung öffentlicher Räume in der Altstadt von Bad Langensalza [design open spaces in the old city area of Bad Langensalza] ideas and implementation competition


  • The Wohnen am Schloss [Living in the Castle] competition in Meiningen, limited open invitation competition, anonymous, single-phase implementation competition with integrated city construction ideas segment and suggested application procedures


  • New construction of a residential and business building with doctor’s offices and a focus on parking implementation competition, Höchstadt an der Aisch, limited open invitation implementation competition with suggested application procedures


  • Construction of the new Greiz townhall, limited implementation competition
  • City construction ideas competition for Altenburg in Thuringia, Pauritzer Straße – acquisition
  • The Wohnen an der Stadtmauer [Living against the City Wall] ideas and construction implementation competition in Bad Langensalza: second place
  • Bauen für Kinder [Building for Children] competition, design prize from the Wüstenrot Stiftung [foundation]
  • Wippertor I ideas and implementation competition, organized by the City of Sondershausen, acquisition


  • New buiding project at Trommsdorffstraße 29-31 in Erfurt, organized by Gemeinnütziges Siedlungswerk GmbH in Frankfurt/Main: third place
  • The Wohngebiet Bürgergarten [citizen’ gardens residential area] in Sömmerda, competition by invitation according to application procedures, organized by the City of Sömmerda and Wohnungsgesellschaft Sömmerda [Sömmerda residential association]: fourth place


  • The Waltershausen Ibenhain/ Wohngebiet Clara-Zetkin-Straße implementation competition, organized by the City of Waltershausen, first place


  • New construction of a training center for Techniker Krankenkasse in Hayn, implementation competition: second place


  • Jena Market Building competition: 1 place