New Construction Anger Entree Office and Business Space in Erfurt

The Anger Entree building is located in the historic inner city of Erfurt, Thuringia’s capital, and represents the gateway between the suburb of Krämpfer and the city center.

A five-floor new building, which has been staggered over seven stories towards the Juri-Gagarin Ring, has been connected to the existing building (formerly the central polyclinic) oriented on Anger Plaza. At ground level, there are a variety of storefronts and an apothecary, which have approximately 2,300 square meters of floor space. A bank and various office units have been distributed over approximately 10,000 square meters between the first and sixth floors.

The underground garage with 43 parking spaces is connected with the newly constructed Krämpfer Street by means of a dual-car elevator.

A natural stone cellar from the twelfth or thirteenth century, which was discovered during the foundation work, had to be integrated into the design.

Above the ground floor, the comb-shaped structure and the lighted courtyard resulting from it form the compactly appearing building complex. The fully glazed exterior walls facing the three landscaped lighted courtyards provide natural lighting to every area and appropriate transparency. The facade stands for self-conscious, modern architecture, but is oriented towards the language of the Thirties, when the polyclinic was built. The selection of the materials has been matched to the new and old environments.


  • Building Contractor: Erfurter Aufbaugesellschaft mbH
  • Construction Costs: Approx. 20 million euros
  • Service Phases: 5 in accordance with § 33 of the Honorarordnung für Architekten und Ingenieure [codification of fees for architects and engineers] (aka HOAI)
  • Start of Planning: April 2000
  • Completion: June 2001
  • Usable Space: approx. 12,300 m² (plus basement)
  • Total Floor Area: approx. 13,100 m² (plus basement)
  • Address: 99084 Erfurt, Anger 81 / Krämpferstraße 2-4 Germany