New Construction Ilmenau Technology Terminal, Reconstruction and Renovation of the Ilmenau Train Station’s Reception Building – Terminal A

The development of the area around the train station has been one of the most important objectives for the City of Ilmenau. Located at the edge of the city center, this area represents an exposed inner-city development area, which should provide space for the ideal and functional consolidation of the old city and the Technischen Universität [technical college] of Ilmenau.

Based on the analysis of the existing buildings and the formulation of city construction guidelines, the Ilmenau Technology Terminal has been developed as a modular overall concept for re-designing the area of the former train station. The former reception building will be re-constructed and renovated as the first building block during the first phase of construction.

The existing building met a constructed extension in the form of a modernly designed two-story addition on the northwest. The glassed-in stair house, which was newly added on the southwest side, will also serve as the connection to Terminal B, which has been planned for the second phase of construction.

As part of the reconstruction measures, the structure met with an energetic boost, which went well beyond the guidelines.

Modern spaces were built, which will predominantly be used by companies oriented on technology.


  • Building Contractor: The City of Ilmenau
  • Construction Costs: Approx. 3.57 million euros
  • Service Phases: 1-8 in accordance with § 33 of the HOAI
  • Start of Planning: January 2010
  • Completion: October 2011
  • Usable Space: 1,580 m²
  • Total Floor Area: 2,738 m²
  • Total Space: 9,131 m³
  • Primary Energy Requirement: 111 kWh/m²a
  • Transmitted Heat Loss: 0.64 W/m²K
  • CO2 Savings: 60 kg/m²a
  • Energy Standard in accordance with the EnEV: 70% in reference to the levels required for new construction in accordance with the Energieeinsparungsverordnung 2009 [German Energy Savings Act]
  • Address: Bahndamm 10, 98693 Ilmenau Germany