New Construction, Reconstruction and Renovation of an Association Building for the Kommunalen Versorgungsverbandes Thüringen in Artern/Unstrut

This property, located at the edge of the city center, provided ideal opportunities for extension, due to a factory villa, the generous park-like grounds and the reserved grounds available to the northeast.

A modern managerial location, which will provide options for training sessions and conventions in addition to its purely managerial activities, was supposed to be built with the inclusion of the existing buildings, of the retained nature of the land and the garden landscaping. Elements that determined the design included the continuation of the local characteristics from the location’s position and topography and the respectful treatment of the old and new. The terraced buildings, the transition from natural stonewalls, the position of the buildings on the plateau resulting from them and the staggered construction along the height of the slope give the location its own character. The Weinberg metaphor imposed itself formally.

In addition to the renovation of the old building, a new one was built in immediate proximity. Both building components have been connected to each other by means of glass connectors. Thanks to its classic straightforward austerity, the new building restrains itself, but also creates a designed autonomy without competing with the existing building. This restraint in its form consciously emphasizes the old building. Compositional elements, like upright window formats, plaster structures and the integration of the window shutters have been incorporated as shared design elements.

The basement of the new building has been integrated into the slope and merely appears to turn to the south as an elevated basement with its own natural stone sheeting made from Seeberg sandstone. The ground and upper floor has been built out as double-wing facilities with a central area. The offices have generous, glass interior walls up to the entries. Overhead lighting strips with lighted courtyards underneath round out the transparent appearance of the new building.

A newly constructed gathering and conference area in the slope has been integrated with the foreground of the existing building. Despite the extensive reconstructive work, the historical spatial formations have been retained as much as possible. Special importance has been placed on renovating the representative stair house with its handcrafted, masterfully designed wood staircase.

The new approach to design exteriors rounds out the entire ensemble. Dormant traffic has been located in different partial areas on the grounds, relationships between pedestrian and traffic paths re-arranged and their characteristics adjusted, existing trees re-worked to maintain the landscaping, green and relaxation areas created on the newly constructed terraces and assigned to the appropriate useful areas of the floors.


  • Building Contractor: Kommunaler Versorgungsverband Thüringen, Artern
  • Construction Costs: Approx. 4.8 million euros
  • Service Phases: 1-9 in accordance with § 33 of the HOAI
  • Start of Planning: January 2007
  • Completion: February 2010
  • Usable Space: 2,710 m²
  • Total Floor Area: 3,716 m²
  • Total Space: 15,517 m³
  • Address: Steile Hohle 6, 06556 Artern/Unstrut Germany