Reconstruction and Renovation of the Heringen Townhall

This freestanding monument in the center of the City of Heringen was built at the beginning of the 16th century and has experienced a number of different constructional measures and uses.
The building complex consists of one primary building structure, which was extended on the north side with the two two-story half-timbered buildings. In the Seventies, a third building was added to the property and used as a restaurant until the beginning of the Nineties.

As part of the renovating the city, a utilization concept for the empty building in the center of the site, which really needed renovation, was created by City Planning Offices of Dr. Wilke.

The implementation of the concept intended to renovate the building complex externally to its original state. The complete removal of the internal core structure and re-organization of the ground plan was performed at all levels.
The individual buildings were connected with each other, which was made possible by a glass connector added on the north side.

The new connector contrasts heavily with the architecture of the historical building and makes the different construction periods clearly visible.

A modern, transparent managerial building flooded by light and sensitive to the needs of the disabled has been built in the rural community city of Heringen/Helme.


  • Building Contractor: City of Heringen, Straße der Einheit 41/42, 99765 Heringen Germany
  • Occupant: Rural Community City of Heringen/Helme
  • Construction Costs: 1,900,000.00 euros
  • Co-financing: by means of the Städtebauförderung [city construction sponsorship] (State-Nation)
  • Service Phases: 1. - 9.
  • Start of Planning: 2004
    1. Construction Phase 2005 – Demolition and removal of the core structure of the building complex
    2. Construction Phase 2005/2006 – Rough work on the main building
    3. Construction Phase 2006/2007 – Rough work, construction of the new connector on the north side of the main building and work in natural stone on the main building
    4. Construction Phase 2007/2008 – Rough work and removal of the core structure on the north side of the main building as well as completion of the building’s external hull
    5. Construction Phase 2008 – 2010 – Interior construction of the building complex
  • Completion: September 2010, presentation of the property on the anniversary of the monument’s opening, September 12 2010.
  • Usable Space: 720.00 m²
  • Total Floor Area: 985.00 m²
  • Total Space: 5,640.00 m²